Ammoudi & Sweat

After some very planned days, today I decided to relax and sit out by our pool, read, and take in the scenery without climbing on and off of a tour bus. Some friends and I ended up heading to what is now my favorite spot in Santorini — the Ammoudi port to watch the fishing boats, eat lunch, and head to what passes for a beach on Santorini. It’s more of a rocky shore next to a swimming hole.
To get there, we hoofed it down about 300 steps from Oia down to the bay. We were told it would take about an hour, maybe longer, but we kicked ass and made it in 20 minutes – very nearly beating the other half of the group that decided to cab it. The best part was that we also made it back up those 300 steps in the same time — sweating profusely as there is NO shade and this is the west facing side of the island.
Unfortunately, vacation roommate Laura didn’t make it — even though this was her idea. She has some sort of illness that we dare not name for fear of quarantine. I thought I’d get her something at the pharmacy, but was told that if she should go straight to a hospital or clinic. There are tremendous fears of the swine flu here. Hopefully, she’ll be feeling better before we ferry to Mykonos tomorrow.
We had a great time. I find just watching the boats and listening to the ocean so relaxing. We had a great seafood lunch too, again overlooking the port. And despite the beach being nothing more than a rocky shore, we got our swimming bodysuits on and took a quick dip. It was so refreshing.
Pictures to come. Having issues getting my camera photos online. However, I did get one photo with my phone of my feet (got to have proof I was there) by the water. Will post shortly.

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