Big Sur Homeless

Crazy, stunning, amazing views
Visiting California for the Fourth of July, I finally got to see Big Sur. I’d planned a trip a few years ago and then right before I left, lightning struck Big Sur, everything caught on fire, and they closed the highway. This time, I actually made it with my friend Amy, driving from LA to San Francisco. It’s the most beautiful part of the country, which probably accounts for the strange phenomenon of what we started calling Big Sur homeless. There are lots of people who are otherwise, apparently, without lodging. But they don’t seem to mind. It’s seems to be at least in part by choice. They seem to be having the time of their lives. Yes – some of them might be destitute. Some of them might not quite fit in with “regular” society. We ran into one guy fitting the description who jumped out of his VW bus with his dog, holding a bunny and just taking a stroll. Good times.

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