OK, so, yes… I watch Real Housewives of ATL

In theory, I should feel really terrible about the occasional bits of trashy television that I watch. And I do. Apologies to anyone that thinks this is pointless. I can’t defend it, but I also … CAN’T STOP WATCHING! (For now, there’s a caveat to that.) So I watched episode #2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.
How many times is Kenya Moore?going to be offensive and push and push and push and then jump back shocked? Kenya Moore is a trifling fire-starter – a social arsonist. She throws matches on piles of dry leaves and then stands there, “How dare the fire start? It ought to be able to withstand my lit match.” But secretly, she loves the fire. Probably because she has no reason to be on the show. No relevance. She doesn’t appear to have any kind of business venture of interest. She has no husband. No kids. She adds nothing to the show?except the drama she can generate around her by dipping into the lives of the other women on the show. Hell, even Porsha had her role in Kandi’s musical.
So when Kenya brought the wand and the bullhorn and went after Porsha, who is obviously the youngest and most vulnerable member of the cast, she was BEGGING for a confrontation. And that’s what she got. Porsha should have better sense, but I just yawn at this point when I see Kenya playing the victim after setting the word around her on fire. That’s all the woman has – commenting on Porsha’s marriage and divorce, dipping into Phaedra’s marriage, stepping between NeNe and Cynthia, and anything else to attach herself to the people who have relevance. Here’s hoping the rumors that Kenya won’t be back are true. If she is on next season, I seriously will not watch. Enough is enough. Let that arsonist twirl away.
Shortcuts:?NeNe maybe makes up the rules of friendship with her as she goes (and so do her friends), but Cynthia is sometimes too timid. NeNe just doesn’t express her soft side in front of people.
Line of the night:

?”Is this the color purple?”
– Kandi, when Kenya was singing her spiritual about her hard life.

WTF!?! ?moment:?Mama Joyce had credit cards in Kandi’s name without her knowing and then accuses Todd of being a gold digger? Home shopping?

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