Writing away

Working full-time and trying to finish my novel might drive me crazy, but it is reinforcing that the writing would be so much easier if it WERE my full-time job.

Writing a novel is an incredibly rewarding and creative process, but there are a lot of things to think about if you want to get your work published. For example, one matter that can often be up for debate is working out how long your novel should be. Setting a word count for your work can help you to focus but as this helpful guide explains, different genres have different average word counts. Ultimately, as soon as I have a clear plot in mind, a word count will be useful for structuring the writing process of my novel.

I did have a productive evening though:
– I reviewed enough videos on InDesign to figure out how to layout a short story and create an epub (more details on availability of said short story to follow).
– I was able to properly convert it to mobi for Kindle. So much trial and error to get it to display well on my iPad and on my Kindle.
– Promptly stopped staring at the computer screen before going blind.
– Watched some Bravo ? Who doesn?t love The People?s Couch? The show is freakin? genius. Apparently, Al Bundy is married to Sophia Loren on Modern Family. Who knew?
– Line of the night: ?Wendy is turning over in her wig.? ? In reference to a So You Think You Can Dance contestant?s Wendy Williams impression

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