• Why is this cat so scandalized?!?!?! Because it just finished reading Two to Tangle, which is out TODAY at major book retailers! It’s the spiciest book I’ve written in a while, so grab your fan and get ready for some heat. Two to Tangle is a sexy, seasoned BWWM romance with family drama and a May-December surprise.

  • Two to Tangle debuts this week! It’s the last (planned) novel in the Thirsty Hearts series. Catch up with every novel in the series starting with Charming You! Micky Llewellyn trusted men before–with disastrous results. Nick Halden’s life has unfolded according to plan–a top law career and an engagement to the perfect socialite. Fate unites

  • Woo hoo! It’s official Kisses & Kismet is a finalist for the 2020 Contemporary Romance Writers Stiletto Contest in the mid-length published category. About Kisses & Kismet A delicious enemies-to-lovers tale with a psychic twist Lilith Carver will do anything for her foster sister–even use her mystical gifts to uncover the secrets threatening her future.

  • It’s release day!!! Thanks for pre-ordering Friends with a Tryst. The book should be delivered to you TODAY. If you haven’t ordered the book, now’s the time. I’m extending the $0.99 pre-order price through today only. It’s also available FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, you can enter this

  • Start the New Year with a steamy, friends-to-lovers romance? FRIENDS WITH A TRYST launches January 14! Pre-order the book now on Amazon for $0.99. The price goes up once the book goes live. He was her brother?s best friend. Now, he?s hers. Whipping her life into shape started when Erin McKenna exorcized her lazy ex-boyfriend

  • Kisses & Kismet is here! It’s the next full-length novel in the Thirsty Hearts series–a steamy contemporary with a ghostly twist. If you pre-ordered the book (THANKS!), you should have it now. If you didn’t, it’s now available for immediate ebook download from your favorite e-tailer or in paperback from Amazon. APPLE |?AMAZON | B&N?|

  • Are you following me on Facebook and Instagram? If you are, then maybe you got a notification that I went live with a reading of chapter one of Kisses & Kismet. The book launches on Halloween. If you missed it…here you go. This is the video from Instagram. Facebook (no surprise) gave me trouble with

  • It’s fall, y’all! And I have updates on my upcoming book launches!

  • Coming on Halloween — Thirsty Hearts continues with a magical romance.

    A psychic. A ghost. A billionaire hero. Secrets revealed from beyond the grave…

  • Do you love reading romance? Do you love book clubs but want to meet up from home in your PJs, cocktail in hand? Do you love talking about your favorite heroes and heroines like they’re real? (and basically, aren’t they?) Is your book boyfriend better than mine? HA! Join Ripped & Reading! Don’t even kid

  • As a cocktail connoisseur, I absolutely CANNOT endorse this margarita recipe (beer and limeade?!?!), BUT this does make me thirsty: Hot guy (check) Fireman outfit (check) Then shirtless (check) Speaks French (check) Cute kitten (check) Enjoy! Get a taste of my Thirsty Hearts series with a?#FREE?download of book one, Charming You. (

  • Get a taste of my Thirsty Hearts series with a?#FREE?download of book one, Charming You. ( And enjoy Micky?s favorite cocktail?just a little dirty. The Perfect Dirty Martini 2 1/2 oz vodka 1/2 oz dry vermouth 1/2 oz olive brine Vodka + vermouth + PLENTY of ice in a cocktail shaker. SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE and

  • ?Whet Your Whistle?? Jonah Moran (Cherishing You) loves his drinks strong and straight. No recipe for this one. Grab a nice bottle of?#whisky. Pour. And for God?s sake no ice!!! Get Cherishing You on? KindleUnlimited?

  • Sometimes you need to throw in a twist… In book 4 of my Thirsty Hearts series, Alexa likes her cocktails clean and her men a little on the dirty side. She?s got two of them chasing her, and things get a little twisted. Oh, if only life was as simple (and sexy) as this tall

  • Shannon Clifton has left all her vices in the past ? drugs, booze, bad boyfriends. But when the last bad boy mistake comes chasing, her next one saves her. Jonah Moran is hot, persuasive, and everything she could hope for, but can it last? It?s a refreshing Thirsty Thursday with Shannon and Jonah in Cherishing

  • Alexa loves a cocktail, but the gym owner tries to keep her drinks clean – vodka and soda and lime. The rest? She?s not beyond getting a little dirty, dragging Graham away from his usual playboy ways. He can?t get enough, and neither can she, but can he convince her to want more? Alexa and

  •   Cheers! Your spot is reserved for #ThirstyThursday? Taryn Lieber is a champagne queen, ready to toast her impending nuptials with tall, sexy, smart, sweet Jeff McConnell. The good times are flowing like Mo?t until Jeff?s tricky ex Shannon resurfaces and hijacks Taryn?s meticulous plans. Can Taryn and Jeff make it down the aisle? Find

  • Today, I kicked off #ThirstyThursday?to share with you my characters’ favorite cocktail recipes to help you get through the rest of your week! ???? This week, Micky will show you how she likes her Dirty Martini…. Micky Llewellyn is shaken and a little stirred when she shows up in Charming You. She has a love

  • If you follow me on social media, then you know that TODAY I?m unveiling the brand new covers for my Thirsty Hearts series. Sexy. Seductive. Borderline NSFW covers? Why? It goes back to when I got my covers done when I launched the first three books of the series in February 2016. I write steamy,

  • Keep an eye out for these ads featuring my new Thirsty Hearts covers! All four novels are available on Amazon NOW!

  • In celebration of my one year publishing anniversary, the?entire Thirsty Hearts Series will be on sale for ONE DAY ONLY, on February 14, 2017.? Grab the entire series for $0.99 each, that’s?less than $5.00 for 5 books! CHARMING YOU ?| ?CHOOSING YOU ?| ?CHERISHING YOU ? | ?LONDON FLING ?| ?CHASING YOU Spreading more LOVE…..Enter

  • GENRE: Contemporary Romance Release Date: September 6, 2016 READ FREE TODAY ON KINDLE UNLIMITED AMAZON: Alexa Stevens doesn?t do commitment. The ex-model turned personal trainer and gym owner lives a jet-set life. With all the exciting adventures to have in this world?especially of the masculine variety?why get tied down? Keeping it light suits

  • Chasing You by Kris Jayne Alexa Stevens doesn?t do commitment. With all the exciting adventures to have in this world?especially of the masculine variety?why get tied down? Soon, two men arrive on the scene that have her rethinking her relationship with relationships.?With two men chasing her, can Alexa make the right choice before it?s too

  • Fresh Fiction?s annual weekend event, Readers & ?ritas, will be held November 11 ? 13, 2016 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Allen, TX. Enjoy author parties, fun panels, and delicious meals at Readers & ?ritas, all included in the ticket price. Play all day and party all night! Join authors like Rachel Caine, B.J.

  • The Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference program amazes me every year. It offers information and guidance on everything from craft to business to wellness. The worst part? I can’t attend every session. So I?d love to share my top takeaways from the sessions I attended ? small and large. Maybe in the comments, we

  • I know it’s another post about Chasing You, but I’m thrilled to bring you the next Thirsty Hearts installment. I’ve already announced this to my VIPs (and given them a shot at some cool gifts and exclusives), but the launch date for Chasing You is set for September 6. The ebook is available for pre-order

  • Today is the day! Here is the new cover for Thirsty Hearts Book 4 — Chasing You. My VIP list got a preview of the cover and the book last week. Are you in? Join the Chasing You Pre-Launch party and get more news and freebies and fun.

  • New smart, contemporary romance on the way! I’ve been pounding away at the keyboard, sweating bullets, and otherwise full of consternation working on Thirsty Hearts book four. But I’ve at last finished my early?first draft of Chasing You, due out in a few months. Want a first look? I’ll post?selected excerpts to my page on

  • Get previews and behind-the-scenes tidbits on my upcoming Thirsty Hearts books! Kris Jayne on Bublish

  • After much coffee and much Scotch and wine in a carefully balanced cycle, my debut contemporary romance series, Thirsty Hearts, has launched! The work is paying off… My three books and one novella are NOW available for sale! Buy print books from Amazon, and ebooks from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords. Pick your platform and

  • Have a Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr account? Be part of the Thirsty Hearts buzz! The new year has begun, and I?m still a little buzzed. Yes, my friends and I shared a ton of champagne, but what?s got me REALLY excited is the launch of my Thirsty Hearts series! My book launch X 3 is

  • Transcript: Hi, I’m Kris Jayne, and I write contemporary romance for today’s modern woman. I’ve been writing full-time since October of 2014, which is when I quit my full-time job to pursue my passion for writing full-time. One of the questions that I get is, “Why are you writing romance?” And they always say it

  • The hardest part of writing a novel (or three at the same time, if you’re crazy) is the push to the end. Writing, rewriting, editing, revising, rewriting agin. But after attending the Romance Writers of America conference in New York City a couple of weeks ago, I found a new well of motivation and finally

  • For years, I spent my days plotting an escape from cubicle life. Well, in October, I quit plotting and pulled the trigger. As of November 1, I began voluntarily unemployed or self-employed, depending on your perspective. I have been inspired by my other half, who went self-employed two years ago. He has started his own

  • [vs][/vs] Get a little romance in your life with a FREE short story download available from  “3 Fridays” tells the story of a woman who thinks she knows her type, but her new neighbor has other ideas.

  • Working full-time and trying to finish my novel might drive me crazy, but it is reinforcing that the writing would be so much easier if it WERE my full-time job. Writing a novel is an incredibly rewarding and creative process, but there are a lot of things to think about if you want to get

  • In theory, I should feel really terrible about the occasional bits of trashy television that I watch. And I do. Apologies to anyone that thinks this is pointless. I can’t defend it, but I also … CAN’T STOP WATCHING! (For now, there’s a caveat to that.)

  • I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about vacations this year. I decided that next year I’m going to spread my wings and see more of the world. See, my last four vacations have been to Mexico. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mexico and I love going on vacations there. It’s super close and

  • Visiting California for the Fourth of July, I finally got to see Big Sur. I’d planned a trip a few years ago and then right before I left, lightning struck Big Sur, everything caught on fire, and they closed the highway. This time, I actually made it with my friend Amy, driving from LA to

  • Just a few photos from Spain. Plus a small complaint: Does the Pamplona airport?hire people based on their ability to say “it cannot be done?” I know it can be done, Se?or Unhelpful.

  • I’d heard so much about Ibiza. But now that I’m here I don’t get it.?I don’t want to watch junior high kids get drunk and x out. Must find where the adults are. … Oh, wait. Here they are in Formentera.

  • Relief… I lost my passport in my house, and I just found it. Now I don’t have to pay almost $200 to get a new one before the end of June while frustratingly knowing that it’s in the house somewhere. It’s going back to its super secret vault hiding place. Getting ready for another fabulous

  • So I?m doing some research on generations, their characteristics, and their use of technology for a work project, and I came across an interesting illustration of the Baby Boomer v. Gen X dynamic.

  • Arrived in Mykonos a couple of days ago. I’d be more specific but unemployment + vacation = having no idea what day of the week it is, which is quite nice I must say. I went on a tour, which confirmed my opinion that it’s no Santorini.

  • So after climbing the steps in Santorini, I thought it would be a good idea to go out on the town. And it was — though probably not until 5:30 a.m. (No photos of the evening will ever see the light of day.)

  • After some very planned days, today I decided to relax and sit out by our pool, read, and take in the scenery without climbing on and off of a tour bus. Some friends and I ended up heading to what is now my favorite spot in Santorini — the Ammoudi port to watch the fishing

  • Travelling with a large group of ladies (and a handful of men). I can’t believe how late some of the others can stay out. 4 am every night? I was in bed by midnight and I still haven’t gotten over the jet lag.

  • It’s amazing that I’m actually going to make my flight to Athens. First, I missed my flight due to Dallas traffic. Then, I got put on the direct flight to London, and it left 2 hours late. But I made it and now just one flight to go. I’m tired and I smell, but since

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