Chasing You (Thirsty Hearts Book 4)

Afraid to love. Afraid to lose.

Alexa Stevens doesn’t do commitment. The ex-model turned personal trainer and gym owner lives a jet-set life. With all the exciting adventures to have in this world–especially of the masculine variety–why get tied down?

Keeping it light suits Graham Ryan just fine–especially since mixing business with pleasure is bound to cause complications he doesn’t need.

When her old flame Adam Gadsby arrives in town to win her heart, suddenly Alexa’s take on long-term love starts to shift. Graham sees her drifting away and wonders if he doesn’t want more. Adam knows what he wants–if only he can convince Alexa she wants the same.

For Alexa, the question is: how do you know who’s the one? With two men chasing her, can she make the right choice before it’s too late?

Alexa Stevens
Age: 35
Occupation: Gym Owner/Entrepreneur
Drink of choice: Either red wine & vodka sodas with lime or tequila when stuff hits the fan
Favorite thing: Being teased into submission
Pet peeve: Clingy men
Biggest weakness: Sexy players who promise to change their ways
Graham Ryan
Age: 43
Occupation: Commercial real estate
Drink of choice: Red wine with dinner, Scotch before and after
Favorite thing: Steamy nights with a willing woman
Pet peeve: Taking life too seriously
Biggest weakness: Curly-haired sirens who play hard to get
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