Cherishing You (Thirsty Hearts Book 3)

Love springs from passion, but can it withstand the pressures of family, expectation, and the past?

New job. New address. New name. Shannon Clifton has one focus. After missing most of the first seven years of her daughter’s life, she’s getting her life together to be a good mother to Olivia. She’ll prove to her ex-husband and the world that her past of drug addiction and crime is history.

Jonah Moran hasn’t struggled for much. He has a cushy job at his father’s billion-dollar company, a string of socialite girlfriends, and anything money can buy.

One night, Shannon’s past confronts her in a dangerous encounter that brings Jonah her rescue. Shannon and Jonah begin a relationship that offers something new for each of them. Shannon’s never had a man sweep her off her feet with elegant charm. Jonah’s never had a woman who appreciates each joy like it’s her first. Drawn together in a novel passion, they find solace in each other’s worlds even as their differences threaten them with ruin.

Jonah’s family has no intention of welcoming Shannon, and Shannon fights to stand on her own feet for the first time in her life. Can Shannon and Jonah push through the barriers and find lasting love?


Shannon Clifton

Occupation: Waitress & aspiring interior designer
Drink of choice: Soda with lime — she’s on the wagon
Favorite thing: A man in denim
Pet peeve: Snobs and pretenders
Biggest weakness: Seductive businessmen with hearts of gold

Jonah Moran

Occupation: Financier
Drink of choice: Superior wine and cognac
Favorite thing: A woman’s hair fanned on his pillow
Pet peeve: Deception and golddiggers
Biggest weakness: Tough women who love him for who he is
Element Style
Accent Color