Bringing Sexy (Covers) Back

If you follow me on social media, then you know that TODAY I’m unveiling the brand new covers for my Thirsty Hearts series.

Sexy. Seductive. Borderline NSFW covers?


It goes back to when I got my covers done when I launched the first three books of the series in February 2016. I write steamy, contemporary romance. Every time someone asks me what I write, that’s what I say. BUT although I like steamy under the book covers, I was nervous (so silly) about having man chest? covers or images that were too erotic. I was all nervous about friends, family, and ex-coworkers knowing that I write (gasp) sex books.

Well, I’m over it. You see, the problem with tamping down the heat on the covers is that you end up with people not misjudging the heat level of your books. Then, you get reviews where people say they weren’t expecting the explicit sex or the “f” word.? Oh, no, hold on to your hat and clutch your pearls!

I went back and forth because I liked the old covers, but once I had the cover artist at Blue Sky Design mock up some new options, I knew. I LOVE the new covers. Love. Love. Love.

Check them out? And don’t forget to enter my contest.

Charming You (Book 1)

Choosing You (Book 2)

Cherishing You (Book 3)

Her London Fling (Book 3.5 – Novella)

Chasing You (Book 4)

So great! The covers tell you what you’re going to get: sexy, adventurous stories with romantic couples. Heat. Love. Everything. Get another taste in my steamy new video ads.

It’s Thirsty Hearts. People need look a little? thirsty.


To celebrate the fresh look, I’m running a contest where you can win SIGNED print copies of Thirsty Hearts Books 1, 2, 3, and 4 with their fresh faces.

Enter Now!

You can also check out the books and their new look on Amazon. Book one is FREE for a limited time. All the books are now available on Kindle Unlimited.

And, as always, happy reading!

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