Check out my new book club! Ripped & Reading!

  • Do you love reading romance?
  • Do you love book clubs but want to meet up from home in your PJs, cocktail in hand?
  • Do you love talking about your favorite heroes and heroines like they’re real? (and basically, aren’t they?)
  • Is your book boyfriend better than mine? HA!

Join Ripped & Reading!

Don’t even kid yourself about that last one. But we can talk about that in the new Ripped & Reading book club.

What is the Ripped & Reading book club?

I’m starting Ripped & Reading to connect romance reader of all kinds around the lovely, wonderful, ecstatic joy of reading books, talking books, and communing with like-minded women. It’s time for some R&R — delivering pleasure breaks in your day and your week and giving you at least one space on Facebook where you don’t have to filter out the wackadoodle politics of your crazy friends and relatives. The first step is to make sure you have a good selection of novels to start with, check out if you want to do this on a budget, and get reading! Then you’ll be ready to share your thoughts.
R&R is a low-drama, high joy book club.
Every. Fucking. Day!
Kick back and sip your favorite cocktail and…
Post in the group. Read what’s going on with the rest of the R&R crew. Drool over a yummy hot photo.

Hot Kindle Giveaway

And when you join before February 18 and introduce yourself under the Roll Call video (posted in the group), you will be entered in a drawing for our first R&R book club prize — a brand new Kindle Paperwhite!!! See the post in the group for more details.
I’ve introduced myself already. Find out how I got into reading and writing steamy romance novels. Let me know what you LOVE reading, and maybe get a tip or two for picking up a new author.

I tell you what’s going down in Ripped & Reading.

We go live with our first Sunday Night Happy Hour book club meeting on February 18, so join now to find out what book we’re reading first.
That’s it for now. See you in Ripped & Reading!

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