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★★The star-crossed love affair starts with a lie...★★

Real-estate mogul Carter Cross has spent his life toiling for another man’s legacy. Then, a phone call unlocks his true family destiny. With his famously cool command, he’ll stop at nothing to seize the Cross family’s birthright. He took charge as the man of the house in his childhood. Now is no different, and he always wins.

When the country’s wealthiest oil baron drops dead in a most scandalous fashion, tabloid reporter Nisha Donovan gets assigned to dig up dirt on the new J.P. Star Energy executive—the filthier, the better. Slamming the door on her conscience, she starts muckraking her way to a promotion. After all, her survival—and that of her teenaged sister—depends on it.

The pair are drawn together by the legendary billionaire family that scratched out its fortune in the dust and sparkle of Texas. The Stars will protect what’s theirs with ruthless cunning, using Nisha to put a dagger in Carter’s heart if need be. And the pull of responsibility might render Nisha powerless to say no.

Undeniably attracted, but harboring secrets, can Carter and Nisha escape the snares of power to build a new legacy together?

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