Excerpt from Chasing You!

Chasing You by Kris Jayne
Alexa Stevens doesn?t do commitment. With all the exciting adventures to have in this world?especially of the masculine variety?why get tied down? Soon, two men arrive on the scene that have her rethinking her relationship with relationships.?With two men chasing her, can Alexa make the right choice before it?s too late?
? For a moment, Alexa thought Graham might get sentimental. Only a flash, then the wickedness returned to his eyes.
?My cousin is pregnant,? Alexa said. ?She?s been overtaken with baby fever, but Taryn has always been that girl you knew was going to get married and be mommy. And her husband already had a daughter, so she?s been in mommy mode for a while.?
?Jonah?s wife has a kid too.?
?A ready-made family? Crazy, right?? Alexa cringed as if she?d swallowed something foul.
?I mean. I?m pretty sure?? Alexa broke off her thought and laughed.
?Are we going to talk about marriage and kids?? She grimaced again.
?No. What?s your favorite sexual position?? Alexa palmed her face. Graham snapped his fingers over her head. ?New topic. You?re welcome.?
She raised her head. ?There?s room for conversation between those two topics.?
Graham covered the base of the wine glass with his fingers and circled it on the table, swirling his wine.
?Okay. Here we go.?
Alexa watched his strong, neatly trimmed fingers work the glass and swallowed. She hoped his next question didn?t have anything to do with sexual positions.
?What?s your type? Guys, I think, mostly don?t have a type, but women tend to have a type of guy that they?re looking for. You all are very specific.?
?I don?t know.? Alexa examined the raw wood beams of the ceiling above as she considered his theory. ?I?ve dated different kinds of guys. They might all be tall because I?m tall. They tend to be athletic because I?m athletic. Other than that, I date all kinds of guys?personality-wise and career.?
?So, eighty percent of the guys you?ve dated haven?t all been doctors? I know a lot of women who really zero in. They want to date a lawyer or a guy who owns a boat?or a lawyer who owns a boat.?
?It sounds like you?ve been dating gold-digging women. Doctors, lawyers, and boats? I mean, I will admit I don?t want to have to pay guy?s rent. But I?m also not looking for a guy to pay mine.?
?An independent woman.?
?So everyone says. What about you? If I went through a scrapbook of your past girlfriends, would eighty percent of them be blonde or all be kindergarten teachers??
Alexa wasn?t sure she actually wanted the answer to that question. She didn?t usually spend much time contemplating the other women in a man?s life.
?No kindergarten teachers, but I?ve dated all kinds of women?professional women, cocktail waitresses, women who own their own gym. All kinds.?
Graham splayed his hands wide in front of him.
?So, I?m squarely in your demographic? Female and breathing.?
He grinned and gave her a thumbs up. ?Precisely. I?d be lying if I didn?t say that I like beautiful women, but what man doesn?t? Personality wise? Mostly, it?s just about chemistry. I know when I meet a woman if I?m going to see her again tomorrow. That?s my only qualification.?
A shred of her heart sank, but she scraped it up and forced some humor. ?Dammit. Now I don?t feel special and all.?
? ?Oh, you?re special.”

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