How to catch up on Thirsty Hearts!

Two to Tangle debuts this week! It’s the last (planned) novel in the Thirsty Hearts series.

Catch up with every novel in the series starting with Charming You!
Micky Llewellyn trusted men before–with disastrous results. Nick Halden’s life has unfolded according to plan–a top law career and an engagement to the perfect socialite. Fate unites them, and they must balance love and ambition to hold onto the one thing that matters.
Then, continue the series with…Choosing You!
Taryn Lieber has a date set to marry a man beyond her dreams. Jeff McConnell is ready for a woman to stand with him as he conquers the world. Jeff’s ex-wife arrives, bringing drama and danger. Can Taryn and Jeff hang on and make it down the aisle?
Cherishing You!
Shannon Clifton is fighting to be a good mother and prove to her ex-husband and the world that her troubled past is history. Jonah Moran hasn’t struggled for much. He has a cushy job, a string of socialite girlfriends, and anything money can buy. Drawn together in a novel passion, they find solace in each other’s worlds, but can Shannon and Jonah push through the barriers and find lasting love?
Chasing You!
Alexa Stevens doesn’t do commitment. With all the exciting adventures to have in this world–especially of the masculine variety–why get tied down? Soon, her old flame Adam Gadsby arrives in town to win her heart, and her new flame Graham Ryan heats up his pursuit–and her bed. With two men chasing her, can Alexa make the right choice before it’s too late?
…and Kisses & Kismet!
Lilith Carver will do anything for her foster sister–even use her mystical gifts to uncover the secrets threatening her future. Jamie Wylde’s plan to exclude his father’s mistress from the Wylde fortune has one obstacle. Lilith. Equally matched and battling to win, can Lilith and Jamie triumph in love?
Then, you’re ready for Two to Tangle to debut this week! Here’s the skinny:
Delilah Johnston and Griffin Kelso ring in the New Year with revels and romance. But once the champagne runs dry, their differences–and some scandalous family drama–crash the party. Can they find a path forward? Or will a disconcerting revelation divide them forever?
Happy Reading!

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