I’ve joined Radish!

Breaking news… You can now find me on Radish! You can start reading the Thirsty Hearts series on Radish.

What is Radish?

It’s a reading app that let’s you find new authors and stories that are broken into bite-sized pieces for you to read on the go. Some stories are free, some you pay for with coins that you purchase through the platform. Most stories are a combo. Start the story for free and either wait until the new episodes are released for free OR read faster by unlocking those episodes with coins. Read more about radish at radishfiction.com

What stories do I have on Radish?

Every book in Thirsty Hearts will eventually be released. Right now, you can read Snowbound Siren for free to get you started. Then, I have the rest of my books posted as the serialized story, Charming the Playboys. Season 1 is Charming the Player, whch includes my book Charming You. The first 10 episodes are free with more being released every day. The other seasons (books) will be released after, episode by episode, until all the books are posted from Charming You through Two to Tangle.

Eventually, I plan to publish some exclusives to Radish in addition to loading my regularly published books. Join my newsletter, if you haven’t already, to stay up to date on my latest releases.

What’s with calling it Charming the Playboys?

The naming conventions on Radish need to be super tropey to catch people’s attention, so I’ve renamed all the books on the platform. Charming the Player=Charming You (book one). I’m releasing a chapter a day, so Charming the Single Dad, which is what I’ve named Choosing You, starts sometime at the end of January. Then comes Charming the Billionaire, Charming the One-Night Stand, Charming the Enemy, etc., progressing through the Thirsty Hearts series.

How do you get access?

Download the Radish reading app on your phone or tablet from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play App Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can search for me — “Kris Jayne” — and start reading my stories.

This is a view of the app on my iPhone, which, yes, needs to charge.

Comments? Let me know how you like the stories. You can comment inside the app or here below.

Happy Reading!

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