#ThirstyThursdays: Uncorking Taryn's Champagne


Cheers! Your spot is reserved for #ThirstyThursday?

Taryn Lieber is a champagne queen, ready to toast her impending nuptials with tall, sexy, smart, sweet Jeff McConnell. The good times are flowing like Mo?t until Jeff?s tricky ex Shannon resurfaces and hijacks Taryn?s meticulous plans. Can Taryn and Jeff make it down the aisle? Find out in Choosing You.

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Always with the bottle pointed away from you and your chosen partner(s) in crime, remove the foil, and twist the wired cage (the ?muselet?) counter-clockwise six times. It?s ALWAYS six twists. As you remove the coil, cover the bottle with a towel, keeping one hand on the neck at all times.

Slow. Easy. Grip the cork with your handy towel. Twist and wiggle it while keeping guard on the top to keep the cork from flying and taking out an eye. The pressure from the bottle takes over. The cork slips out. Perfection? A seductive hiss of air. Keep those bubbles in the bubbly. This isn?t NASCAR.


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