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This prequel novella takes us back five years before the start of Cross My Heart, book one in my Lone Star Crossed Series.

In Cross My Heart and Circle the Stars, Quinn Star-Hunter only appears once, and all we hear is that she's estranged from her parents. We quickly learn that Theresa, Quinn and Reese's mother and Carter's aunt, is a schemer (a.k.a. up to absolutely no good and kind of a thorough trash person). However, no one is quite sure why Quinn doesn't speak to her mother. Under the Stars begins the story of why while also introducing us to the husband she has back in Seattle, Ben Yamazaki. Theirs is an opposites attract romance that heats up quickly when they're the maid of honor and best man in the same wedding.

Chances are by now, chapter one is in your email, so hop over and start reading. And look for Quinn to play a bigger part in Anthony's book, Morning Star, coming June 2023.

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